Facts about Homelessness and Housing In Surrey:

Homeless Count 2017

  • A total of 602 people were identified as homeless in Surrey as of March 8, 2017. Of those 602, 399 were sheltered while 203 were not sheltered.
  • The sheltered portion included 44 living in Emergency Weather Response shelters, 286 living in homeless shelters, transitional housing and safe houses as well as 69 having no fixed address.
  • This represents a 49% rise in homelessness in Surrey since the 2014 count: a drastic change from the single digit percentage increases during the 9 years before 2014.

(Source: 2017 Homeless Count in Metro Vancouver Preliminary Data Report Prepared by the BC Non-Profit Housing Association and M. Thomson Consulting)

Surrey’s Social Housing Inventory

Homeless Count 2014

  • The 2014 Homeless Count puts Surrey’s homeless population at 403 individuals. (Source: City of Surrey)
    • Most organizations in Surrey recognize that due to limitations of the homeless count methodology, this number is not really representative of the size of the issue and may only represent 1/3rd of the homeless population. It also does not address the hidden homeless or those on the verge of becoming homeless. It is, however, the only metric available at the moment.
  • There are 185 emergency shelter beds in Surrey. 85 for adults, 6 for youth and 94 for women only. (Source: City of Surrey)
  • The average income of Surrey’s homeless and vulnerably housed population is $913/month. Average rent is $617. (Source:  Survey of the Homeless and Vulnerably Housed in Surrey, KPU, 2014)
  • 22% of the “vulnerably housed” report that their accommodations do not meet basic livability standards such as proper electrical safety, working plumbing and an absence of pests, dirt or mold. (Source:  Survey of the Homeless and Vulnerably Housed in Surrey, KPU, 2014)
  • Home ownership is higher in Surrey than in the rest of Metro Vancouver resulting in only 27% of households in Surrey renting their accommodations (compared to 35% in Metro Vancouver). Of these renter households in Surrey, nearly 1 in 3 – 15,000 households – are spending more than 30% of their annual income on rent. (Source: Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition)
  • The amount of social housing in Surrey is lower than average with only 11% of tenant households getting subsidized housing compared to 14% for Metro Vancouver. (Source: Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition)
  • As of March 31, 2015, there were approximately 1,442 Surrey households on BC Housing’s Applicant Registry (waiting list) and who were eligible for social housing. (Source: Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition)
  • There are a number of households in Surrey that rely on income assistance. A single person on income assistance receives $610 per month, or $7,320 per year, to live on – well below the Federal low-income measure of $19,460 (after tax). A family of four receives just $13,212 per year – well below the $38,920 deemed to be low-income by the Federal government. (Source: Surrey Poverty Reduction Coalition)