With a long history of collaboration and advocating for the needs of Surrey’s most vulnerable populations, the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Task Force (SHHTF) has been active since 2004. Since its inception, the Task Force has brought together a broad range of community and government organizations that are passionate about helping people who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless.

Task Force members meet regularly to share information, knowledge, concerns and solutions. In 2016, we changed our mandate slightly to include active advocacy on behalf of Surrey’s homeless and at-risk populations. We also entered into a long-term partnership with the Social Planning and Research Council (SPARC BC) to increase our ability to serve Surrey’s most vulnerable for years to come.

The Task Force also organizes events during the annual Homeless Action Week in October and are the Surrey coordinators for the tri-annual Surrey Homelessness Count. We are open to working with any individual or organization that sees opportunities to make things better for Surrey’s homeless population. Contact us to be a part of the future.

If you’d like to attend one of our events or our meetings, check out our Calendar of Events